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Latin interjection: "Behold!"

Back to the basics 

If a movie, like many modern art forms, needs an essay to explain why it is great, then it probably isn't.

ECCE Media House strives to promote and produce entertaining movies that are great because they reflect something true, beautiful and good.  All you have to do is look, behold, or as they say in Latin, 'Ecce!'

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Quentin Ferrant,
Writer, Director, Founder

Shelby Taylor
Art Director, Special Effects Makeup

With over three years of experience in the film industry, Quentin is a passionate and creative screenwriter and director. Quentin has written and directed short and feature films in various genres, such as horror, comedy, crime, and romance, showcasing his versatility and talent.

Quentin also has a background in dance, which has given him a unique perspective and a strong work ethic. He graduated from Humber College's Film and Television Production Program in 2021 with two award-winning shorts and the Meridian Artist's Scholarship in Screenwriting. He is currently developing his first feature film, scheduled for production in 2025, as well as producing web series and spec scripts. Quentin's mission is to tell engaging and original stories that respect the craft of movie and reflect the transcendental qualities of truth, beauty and goodness.

Julian Zakrzewski
Director of Photography

Julian is an award winning filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. In 2016 he earned his diploma in Film & Television Production at Humber College where he was awarded with the William F. White Spirit Award.


His films have received recognition from numerous film festivals across the globe, including the Montreal World Film Festival, Tiff Top Ten Film Festival, and the Berlin Independent Film Festival. 

As ECCE Media's leading cinematographer and camera man, Julian brings a wealth of experience and talent to each project. 

Shelby Taylor has worked in Canada's film industry for several years filling various roles from art director to special effects makeup artist. 

As a core creative at ECCE, Shelby shares the company's passion to, whenever possible, use practical effects and local venues to full advantage. 

In addition to her work in film, Shelby is a celebrated fine artist operating in Ottawa, Ontario.

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